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Retailers and crafters. The importance of keeping your look current.

Whether you are a business with a storefront, an artisan offering a fabulous product or even a service provider, we would all agree that branding is extremely important.

Traditionally your brand was reflected on business cards, brochures and more recently websites.  With the additional options of social media promotion, there are endless other avenues available to highlight and reinforce your brand.  After you have a graphic designer/website builder/branding specialist get you set up with a logo and website that reflects your brand, how do handle the social media portion?  Do you ever utilize social media?

All too often, I see a lack of social media promotion OR some attempts at social media promotion that fall short and do not accurately represent the brand or get your stuff sold.

The great thing about social media is that it is constantly changing, you have an opportunity to show your audience many different things in any given month over their “feed”.  This is fabulous for retailers and crafters because you do not sell the same few things over and over throughout the year.  Stock is constantly changing.  There are items that you want to sell during the appropriate season at full price as opposed to having to resort to post season markdowns.  Social media posts are a great way to show everyone what you have.

For many folks, this is the ONLY way that you are going to reach them, unless you are lucky enough to be in a location where you get lots of foot traffic.  But even then, why would you stop at reaching only those that pass by?  You need EVERYONE.


Styled for Farm to Bath, Photographed by Nikki Nicole Photography
Styled by Garnet Leigh Designs for Farm to Bath, Photographed by Nikki Nicole Photography


Unfortunately not everyone is actively seeking out your website or even searching for what you sell.  Therefore it is MUY IMPORTANTE to show them images that highlight what you are selling in the best possible way, in the way that makes them want to possess what you are selling, in a way that they can envision themselves possessing what you are selling, in a way that makes them think that if they do not act soon they may miss out on what you are selling.