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Retailers- It’s time to transition into the next marketing season.

Retailers, if you haven’t yet marked down the holiday, seasonal merchandise do it immediately!  If you’ve already marked down, it’s time to mark it down again.  Right away, move it all.  Catch folks before they’ve packed away all their holiday seasonal items, believe me many are still working on that project, including my own household.

I’m sure that no-one has missed the numerous articles offering advice on the best way to enter 2017, right?  Streamline, organize, move forward, get rid of clutter, live a more minimalist lifestyle, purge that which does not serve you etc.  These are primarily written in regards to our personal lives but what if we applied the advice to our retail businesses?

Move forward with a clean slate, and a fresh looking, inviting retail space.  Highlight new merchandise, plan a shopping event, promote the next holiday, season etc.  Before you know it, the post-holiday phase will be over and consumers are going to be itching to freshen up their wardrobes and homes.