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The eagle’s view.

This morning I was blessed with an eagle crossing my path, carrying a little creature in its talons.  Eagles are said to have vision that is eight times stronger than humans and are the birds with the ability to fly the highest.  Not only did this encounter remind me of some Native American philosophies that I studied in my twenties but also of what are perhaps some of my best natural abilities.  An artistic visual talent and the ability to see things from many perspectives.

When consulting with a small business, I talk with them about how they draw in potential customers, get them to purchase and encourage them to return.

Whether it’s brick and mortar, craft show vendor or internet seller there are many things that can be done to create enticing visuals.  Shoppers have endless options, an inviting up to date space along with creative visual representations of merchandise are the best way to grab their attention.  Perhaps they will see something that stirred a childhood memory or a way to use an item that they hadn’t thought of before.  Ask me if I can help your business.  Oh, sorry no jaw dropping action shot of the eagle so here’s one of pretty flowers in a vintage glass vase!